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A View from the Bridge - Arthur Miller

May 2016

Steve Canning as Eddie Carbone
Stephen Atkins as Alfieri
A View from the Bridge
Rodolpho and Catherine are accused
Eddie provokes Rodolpho
Marco challenges Eddie
Immigration arrive
Beatrice begs Eddie to reconsider
Beatrice realises Eddie's betrayal
Beatrice says goodbye to Catherine
Alfieri observes Eddie's tragedy
Eddie falls in his family's arms
The cast and director (centre)

If ever there was a play that captured the hearts and minds of the Players, it was A View from the Bridge by the legendary Arthur Miller. We gave it our all and won a superb review from our local critic. Steve Canning was our troubled and torn Eddie Carbone while his ever-devoted wife was played by Anne Bassi; Jason O'Dwyer played the Italian love interest Rodolpho for young Catherine (Michelle Turner).

Director: Samantha Canning

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