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Next production

Well, hello again old friend :)

We've got two productions planned for the spring in 2022. More details will follow soon, but here is a bit of a glimpse:

Who killed the vicar?

A murder mystery

3-5 March, 2022

Reverend Martin Peacock is a charismatic minister, yet he’s recently become distracted at the thought of becoming the next bishop of the ‘Grimeford and Huntley’ diocese. And with Peacock dreaming of wealth and status, all manner of unholy schemes have begun to surface within his flock, resulting in several members of the Parochial Parish Council expressing distain at the vicarage Summer Fayre planning meeting. But which two of them are driven to break the most sacred of commandments, ‘Thou Shalt not Kill’?

The Thrill of Love

19-21 May, 2022

This is a play about Ruth Ellis – the last woman to be hanged in the UK in the 1950s for shooting her lover. A hostess in the West End ‘gentlemen’s clubs’, Ruth Ellis works hard, plays hard and dreams of a movie-star life. Yet in 1955, the self-styled ‘blonde bombshell’ is convicted of murder and becomes the last woman to be hanged in Great Britain.


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