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Review: Dick Whittington - the panto

Updated: Apr 29, 2020

We were delighted to welcome Kirsty of From Page to Stage to Dick Whittington - the panto! to review our festive production.

Over the past year, she's been reviewing theatre, exhibitions and books for Love London Love Culture, Jonathan Baz, Mind the Blog and London Theatre Reviews, as well as reviewing independently.

So what did she think?

Dick Whittington - the panto, was performed by the Downsview Players in November 2019
Dick Whittington - the panto
"Dick Whittington included all of the essential elements of panto – silly gags, evil baddies, audience participation and even custard pies. The beauty of pantomimes is that they appeal to both young and old, and as well as providing plenty of laughs for children, there were plenty of gags packed in for the slightly more ‘mature’ members of the audience."
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